Product & Services

Mobile Device Hardware and Software Design

The demand for tailored mobile devices to meet the needs of Life Science company’s clinical research programs is accelerating driven by innovation, science and technology. To meet those needs Inventus leverages 65+ years of expertise in telecoms and clinical technology to design mobile devices that address common challenges for this industry overcoming: Multiple devices to give global coverage; Limited warranties; Limited lifecycle; Battery degradation; Software updates and Poor Customer Support.

The Inventus mobile phone delivers a solution for Life Science companies engaged in programs utilizing ePRO, eCOA, Hybrid or DCT strategies offering a solution that inspires patients and sponsors confidence and delivers consistent data securely.


Commissioning and Certification

To complement the design and manufacturing capability for mobile devices offered by Inventus, the company applies its device commissioning and certifications expertise to take the heavy lifting out of the complex task of preparing the devices for the study, ensuring all certification is in place for countries included, arranging network connectivity, loading ePRO, eCOA or other software, validation, and QC of the platform.

Logistics and Mobile Device Management

Logistics plays a critical role in the clinical study process. Inventus have global logistics and warehousing facilities in the UK, Europe, and China. We offer a range of services, including mobile device storage and customisation, to meet the needs of our customers. Our warehouses are equipped to handle customisation requests, including software installation, and we can ship all around the world tracking all shipments and device distribution with our warehouse management system (WMS). With our extensive network of partners and resources, we can provide efficient and reliable logistics solutions to businesses of all sizes. Going beyond the logistics of shipping, exporting, and importing mobile devices and ensuring they reach the patient ready to use, Inventus provide mobile device management (MDM) services to swap devices, replenish in-country stocks and repair and recycle during study delivery, which drives efficiency.

Asset Financing Solutions

Inventus has partnered with a global asset finance organisation to provide asset financing options for our customers. As an FCA approved company Inventus are licensed to offer financial products into the B2B market. We work closely with you, augmenting your procurement team with subject matter expertise, to formulate solutions that deliver on your budget and finance requirements.